From a young age, music has been in Calvin Locklear’s bones. For the last 20 years he’s written and sang his way through Nashville, Austin, and Denver.

When the world shut down, Calvin took his family on the road to camp their way through America where he wrote his new record No Particular Plan. It's a collection of songs about how one family man dealt with the madness. It’s about second chances and being okay with being a little bit lost. 

Recorded remotely and in-person over the last two years No Particular Plan weaves a story together with songs that will hook listeners from start to finish. Standout tracks include Wet Cement, One Line, and Gift Horse. 

The album dances across a blend of genres—from warm indie rock, to pastoral folk, to an expansive country western flair—while being rooted in the bedrock of Calvin’s seasoned songwriting.

This record was made possible by an amazing team: finished in Denver with Nick Sullivan at The Keep Recording, Ben Woligoske at Clubhouse Recorders, and Mitchell Gardner at Mighty Fine Productions. It was mixed and mastered by Brandon Bankes in Nashville, Tennessee and will be released on November 10th. 

Look for Calvin at shows all over Colorado and occasionally joined by local luminaries like Cole Rudy and Ben Woligoske.