I'm a family man dammit. I like a quality backyard hang in a decent lawn chair. Music has been in my bones since my father forced The Eagles and Tom Petty on me from a young age. I've been writing and singing my way through Nashville, Denver, and now Austin, Texas.

When the world slowed down I took the family on the road to camp our way through America. It was a beautiful experience and allowed me to write and record my new record "The Last Forever". It's a collection of songs about the current state of our world, how it's affected me, and where we go from here.

The entire record was done remotely. I made demos and sent them to Philly, LA, Nashville, and Tulsa, and they ended up back in Austin. I found this style of collaboration quite fun and I'm very thankful for all of the wonderful contributors.

"The Last Forever" will be released in the summer of 2021. I hope these songs can accompany a highway sunset for you. Or the end credits of a movie you haven't seen yet. Or hell...maybe just a good time in your backyard. Hope to see you out there.