I'm a family man dammit. I like a quality backyard hang in a decent lawn chair. Music has been in my bones since my father forced The Doobie Brothers, CCR and Tom Petty on me from a young age. I've been writing and singing my way through Nashville, Austin, and Denver.

When the world slowed down I took the family on the road to camp our way through America. It was a beautiful experience and allowed me to write my new record "No Particular Plan". It's a collection of songs about the current state of our world and how I've dealt with the madness.

This record was made possible by an amazing set of humans that live in Philly, LA, Nashville, Austin, and Denver. "No Particular Plan" was finished in Denver with Nick Sullivan at The Keeping Recording, Ben Woligoske at Clubhouse Recorders, and Mitchell Gardner at Mighty Fine Productions. It was mixed and mastered by Brandon Bankes and will be released in the fall of 2023. 

I hope these songs can accompany a highway sunset for you. Or the end credits of a movie you haven't seen yet. Or hell...maybe just a good time in your own backyard. Hope to see you out there.