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  1. Other Half


You’ve worked very hard for what you have
You’ve got many bills to show
You’ve been disciplined in a hurricane
You bought everything that can’t be sold

It may take years off your life
And hopefully it won’t
But in the end when you’re dead and gone
You’re lucky cause you’ll never ever know

You’ve worked half your life preparing for
The other half to breathe
And kissed the feet that brought you here
While holding back your teeth

Won’t wash away transgressions made
Or give your soul reprise
Or teach your tongue to swallow
When your bloody mouth tastes so sweet

You’ve been polishing the mirrors clean
To see a glory day ago
You’ve been promising that the better half
Was the one that slept alone

It may take years to get it right
And hopefully it won’t
But in the end if you get it right
You’re lucky and you’ll never ever know!