1. Both Sides


I’ve got a shovel and a stubborn heart
I keep on digging through solid stone
I've been wandering through lonely woods
Mostly in circles and mostly on my own
I found a photograph of a younger face
Fewer were sunburns and the laughter lines
I drank bourbon from a broken glass
Thirsty for the pieces from before my time

When that sunlight hits my eyes
And I can’t remember where I am alive
It’s crystal clear I have not died
I’m awake on both sides of the morning light

I've got a crowbar and a steel trap mind
That opens every letter when I close my eyes
When I played the villain I forgot my lines
And gave up every ghosts without a single fight
So I put a cape on but I had no clothes
I had a heart and wore it where my sleeve should be
Then I saw the future I was naked still
I buried my guitar so I could plant a tree