1. Killing Song


I jumped into a lake
And drank until I could stand
To never want for anything
And never need to take a drink again

I held my breath until
The atmosphere finally got thin
I filled up both my lungs to
Never have a need to breathe again

Oh my god inside my mouth is a killing song trying to get out
And even just a whisper would sing the song too loud
Oh my mind give me release from the silence that is haunting me
Flood me with the melody then amplify the sound

I dug a hole and kept the Welcome mat and inside the door
I kept my friends underground
Where I would never need the sun no more

I closed my eyes so I could
See the night bursting with stars
I took their rhythm so I wouldn’t
Need the beating or the color of my own heart

I locked my hands so hard
I broke my left and broke my right
I grew some skin that could always feel damned
And always feel alive